Thursday, February 23, 2012

album review: "some nights" by fun.

the whole format-to-fun. transition thing was rough for me.

i'm the kind of girl that always orders the same thing at a restaurant once i know what i like, if that tells you much about my a) aversion to change, and b) emotional attachment to things i'm already comfortable with.

and, after a devoted fanship that began like a decade ago,
it was difficult for me to let go of the format.

so it's been a slow process for me to warm up to fun., but...

good golly, consider me warmed!

i just made myself sound like a pastry.
or a car engine.
or something else that needs warming.

ok but seriously?

go listen to fun.'s new album.

stream it on their website,
or look that shnaz up on spotify,
or just buy it.

my fave tracks?
carry on
out on the town
all alone
why am i the one

heard the album? you dig it?

heart like the 4th of july,

watch yo' ears on a couple of the tracks if profanity ain't your thing.
pretty sure the tracks i recommended are safe ones!


Fiery Jack said...

My favorite's Out on the Town.

Katie said...

I tried listening to them at the very beginning and got turned off. But maybe it's time to try again.