Wednesday, February 8, 2012

music: mixtape

i usually try to post new music,
maybe stuff you haven't heard of.

but good grief if i don't just love me some jimmy!

here's a favorite from their 2010 album.

the lyrics speak to me today.

maybe we could put your tape back on
rewind until the moment we went wrong
i was always just a little bit lost
knowing what i do, i should've fought

simple words, connecting thought
just pieces of the background til they're gone
i was only there to sing your song
what were you protecting yourself from?

you don't get to walk away, walk away now
it's too late,
you can't walk away, walk away now

heartstrings on repeat,


Emma Frances said...

LOVE this song and LOVE Jimmy Eat World! :] That is the one and only concert my husband and I have gone to together (New Year's Eve 2011) and it was a blast!

Elsha said...

ahhh!! i love love love the layout of your blog! and just your blog in general! so much love.
Elsha Rae.