Friday, February 10, 2012

with their powers combined...

well not combined, exactly,
since they're on different teams...

but i just want to point out,
that on saturday evening,
one single basketball court will contain both these players:


oh yeah, and it's all happening on my birthday.

the basketball gods are spoiling this girl, yo.

if it's not too demanding,
i would like them each to score 25 points in my honor.
yes, both of them.

getting jimmered for the big two-five,


Kristin said...

seriously. could there BE a better game situation? and on your BIRTHDAY!? lucky lucky girl.

Skooter said...

WAIT!!!! are you going?!?!?!?!?!

Emma Frances said...

They better give you (us) those 25 points for your (our) birthday!!! :]

Alan Taylor Farnes said...
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Alan Taylor Farnes said...

Well happy birthday. It looks like DeMarcus Cousins was trying to wish you a happy birthday but accidentally made one too many fouls shots. Or maybe he's just not that great at counting. At any rate, happy b-day.