Wednesday, January 4, 2012

running report: delay of game

the phoenix suns & my boy steve nash didn't start off so hot this season, right?

but, umm...
there's still plenty of room for hope!

my story is kind of like that.
except minus steve nash.
no wait...
i'm certain he's involved somehow.
he always is.

the point is...
remember how i'm registered to run my second 1/2marty on jan. 28? remember how i busted my toe? and then i got sick? and then there was that whole toenail thing? and then i pushed myself to catch up, only to over-do it and end up with sore knees for a week? and then i got sick again??

needless to say...
i will not be running my 1/2marty on january 28.

i dislike quitting.
i dislike that my body is not invincible.

but remember my goal this year?

i am not running my 1/2marty, but that does not mean i'm a bad runner and it does not make me a quitter.

stay tuned for a new 1/2marty date.
in the meantime,
and slowly but surely,
train for next month's repeat of last year's ragnar adventure.

we're picking our team costumes this week.
think we can top the Legos?? 

luff from me & my calf muscles,

1 comment:

Myke said...

I might attempt running tomorrow after waiting for my foot to (hopefully) during the past two months. Injuries and getting sick are the worst.