Friday, January 6, 2012

running report: the arch nemesis

dearest running delays,

i'd like to introduce you to my new friends...

...aka, your new arch nemesis.
[shout-out to ASICS for the sleek design!]

r.i.p. to my trusty old faithfuls...
...which were apparently a 1/2-size too small.
...and probably hit their peak about 100 miles ago.

xoxo and stuff,

if you get a chance to get fitted for a pair of running shoes, do it!
i hit up road runner sports for mine.
super fun to run on their little treadmill and stand on their fancy machines.
they told me all kinds of interesting things about my arches and ankles, etc.
if you don't like the shoes they have a sweet return policy, even if you've been running in them.
win, win, win!

1 comment:

Harley said...

these are seriously awesome! i wish that i had one of these stores by me. Nothing makes me feel more motivated to run than a brand spanking new pair of delicious running shoes.