Tuesday, January 3, 2012

book review: the boy who harnessed the wind

you guys...
you. guys.

you know when you read a book that just kind of changes you?

this book reminded me what it means to dream,
what it means to have a passion,
what it means to believe in yourself,
what it means to have other people believe in you,
what it means to be grateful for the simple things...

God doesn't forget anyone.
and, there are no coincidences.

mostly, i feel deeply humbled.

also, i'll be impressed if you're not crying when you get to this line:
"and i try, and i made it."

now stop reading my blog and get a copy ASAP.

in the meantime, i'm on to my next literature-ical adventure...


Katie said...

Hmm...I might just have to look into that! Also, in your previous post...was that Camelback? Good job! I did that once and almost died. Haha

Ash said...

My husband read this and raved about it. I guess I should listen to him and actually sit down and read it!

The Ballard Family said...

I decided to read again this last week and it is threatening to take over my life. I forget how much I need literature. I might have to put this on my list of need-to-read. And I love how you write on your blog, by the way. Like you are having a conversation with the world in general. :)

Emily said...

I'm looking into this! I love life-changing, eye-opening books

Rolled Up Pretty said...

I LOVE finding out about good books! THANKS SO MUCH FOR SHARING!!!

indeazgirl said...

I saw this author on "The Daily Show" a couple years ago. And Jon Stewart says to him, "What do you think when you look around at America with all our stuff?"
And he said, "Where was this GOOGLE when I was making this?!"
So awesome. And I still need to read it.

Harley said...

i totally saw this book at costco yesterday and didn't buy it! now i need to!