Friday, January 20, 2012

modeling & a hiking chair

you have a friend-who-is-a-photographer.

and sometimes,
friend-who-is-a-photographer is like,
"let's do a photo shoot!"

so you put on a skirt, lace, & red lipstick
grab a chair,
and hike off into the wild desert.

completely normal.

he took most of them on film so you'll have to w-a-i-t for those,
but here is a little preview. other news, my hair is much longer than i thought.


Emily Sarah Brooks said...

I LOVE IT! Your lipstick is fabulous. As I girl, I feel it is completely okay to say that I absolutely love photo shoots. You look amazing and I can't wait to see the film :)

Oyukisc said...

I absolutely love it! u look sooo cute! maybe i can use your friend who-is-a-photographer in the near future!