Wednesday, January 25, 2012

almost 25 but going on 17

this fountain of eternal youth thing i've got goin' on will totally work in my favor when i'm like 40 and smokin' hot, yes?


convo with the dental assistant:

she: so are you still in school? 
me: oh no...i graduated a couple years ago. 
she: oh cool. which high school?

my face is numb from a cavity filling.
for all i know, i'm drooling on mineself right now.

good thing my metalmouth is gone and i am developing a deeply committed relationship with dental floss.
seriously, flossing is a highlight of my day.

this has been a paid service announcement by your local dentist.
[not really.]

let's end with this gem:

someone get me that on a shirt, yo!

love and numb lips and retro-fab booty shorts,


Naomi Martineau said...

When I was in high school people always thought I was in college or older. Now that I'm a college graduate people think I'm in high school! When we're old we can go parading around all of our friends who look 60 while we still look 30 ;)

Emma Frances said...

Baha! That is awesome! Someday I'm sure you'll love it though...right?? Everyone thinks that I'm younger than my 18 year old sister. It's pretty funny.

Katie said...

Ahahaha it's ok! You're gonna love it someday. And the mental picture of you drooling maybe shouldn't make me giggle to myself, maybe does.

Jeff Kinsel said...

When I was in Cedar City, I got asked how many kids I had...although I never got carded when I went to Vegas underage, worth it?