Monday, January 23, 2012

year of the dragon.

[which i took as a good omen because i was born in a rabbit year.]

today marks the dawn of the year of the dragon.
[considering my recent costume shenanigans, this HAS to be a good omen too.]

naturally, my friend holly threw a celebration!

it went down something like this...

1. origami & fortune telling with this gal. 
[goes by the name of kim]

2. some authentic chinese garb for this guy.
[apparently it is working well for him.]

3. i believe i can fly.

4. an inability to take serious pictures all night.

5. photography art.

6. at some point, we proceeded to zoom in on the faces of other party goers and take pictures of an individual feature....
...which kim later photoshopped together.
i give you, "if our saturday night had a child..."

i want desperately to name this creature, but i can't decide what gender it is.

1 comment:

Emma Frances said...

Baha! That last picture is the best! And the photography art is pretty awesome too. What a fun night!