Friday, January 6, 2012

richard gere & attention hunger

this is what happens when i'm being neglected on skype chat and trying desperately to get my bestie to stop being distracted by whatever "important" thing she was doing and return to the proper activity of focusing 100% of her attention on me...

so i went to dinner last night
and there was a dragon
and i made out w/ a handsome stranger in a dark corner
and then there was this meteor crash outside
and richard gere came to investigate
and he was supposed to interview me but then he fell in love with me
and i was all torn cuz i was like "i just made out w/ this other guy"
also, i wish i had hair like the chick from A Fine Frenzy

oh whoa, that's weird - i just got your messages!
they were completely delayed!
sorry babe, lemme read them

um, i warn you they aren't....important
except for the one about richard gere
that seems pretty important

i really pride myself on my quality conversation.

your new idolized wannabe skype friend,

1 comment:

Unknown said...

everything about this is perfect.

thanks for introducing yourself on my blog, can't wait to keep reading about ya!

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