Sunday, January 1, 2012

new year's resolution: be nicer to me ▲

first, here's a little treat from my fam pictures on saturday...
[that's me on the right and da baby sista on da left.]

ok now on to the resolution stuff...

here's my problem:
i'm SUPER self critical.

the thing is,
it's really easy for me to be nice to other people.

but for some reason,
i often leave myself out of that equation.

i have a big, fat habit of getting very frustrated with my flaws and having very little patience with myself.

did i fail at something?
i feel like i'm a failure.

did i have a lazy afternoon?
i feel like i'm a lazy person.

did i read my scriptures half-heartedly?
i feel like i'm a sorry excuse for a follower of Christ.

is my hair weird and my lips dry and are my legs twiggy and do i have dark circles under my eyes the size of tejas?
i feel like i'm an awkward mess.

is my room always cluttered and messy?
i feel like i'm a terrible human being who can't even keep a handle on something as simple as hanging my clothes up or putting my shoes away.

you get the point.

so my resolution for 2012?
be nicer to me.

if it's something critical and demeaning that i would never say to someone else, i shouldn't be saying or thinking it about myself either.

it's kind of like the golden rule, but opposite:
do unto myself as i do unto others.

someone make me a shirt & bumper stickers, yo!

dear 2012,
let's do this.

are any of you with me on this?


Elisabeth Gee said...

I'M WITH YA!!!!!!
Way to be!!
Being nicer to yourself is ALWAYS awesome!
YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

Jeff Kinsel said...

This post makes me feel like you reached inside my brain, picked some mind grapes and wrote about them. I might need you to stop. :) I am the same way. Moving out of the country by myself helped me to be nicer to me. It's a struggle, but I make it through with a lot of good conversations with myself.

Myke said...

One of my resolutions is to never talk bad about anyone -- thanks for helping me realize that I need to include myself in that.

Annie Citrine said...

If you had a friend who talked to you the way you talk to yourself, how long would you stay friends with them?

You're awesome! And I loved this post!

Rachel Jones said...

I love this. You can do it! (Quoted from a movie I do not recall) -- Can I tell you something hilarious??? As I read this, there was a marketing pop up for reducing dark circles under the eyes....I have a feeling you aren't the only one that feels this way. [What's even funnier is that they misspelled "learn" where they were directing people to click for more info. It said "lean more"]

Katie said...

This is great. I think most of us probably do this so it's helpful for more than just you :) Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth @ Love Is the Adventure said...

Oh, me too! Sometimes it's so difficult to be kind to ourselves. This is a great reminder... Hope you're having a happy brand new year!

Tyson J Oliver said...

I don't know how well this applies but you reminded me of this quote, interestingly enough by Queen Latifah:

"Let me get this right: I tried something, it didn't work, it hurt my feelings.
I got sad and cried, then I got over it.”

The Ballard Family said...

Um, I love that quote of Queen Latifah's haha. And Katie, I think this is the perfect resolution for you. If you are half as kind to yourself as you are to others, you will completely change the world. Amen.

Emily Zoe Hale said...

Thanks for giving me your link to this! It's good to feel like I'm not alone. I am having a hard time! I have a lot of work to do but I am making progress. Slowly but surely. I think I need to just have a date with myself and get to know me in a different light... Really not a bad idea... I think that you are awesome! Hope you reach your goal soon!