Saturday, December 31, 2011

turns out i did a surprising amount of things in 2011...

what's, that mr. twenty-eleven?
you want some recognition?
well, by all means...

most notable things i did this year...

+ ran a 1/2 marathon
+ ran a ragnar relay
+ got me one of them legitimate career things
+ travelled to san francisco
+ won a volleyball championship
+ married off a little sister
+ married off a roommate
+ changed my own car battery & oil
+ went camping with my people
+ went camping again & hiked the subway
+ kept KAST alive & kickin'
+ various dating adventures and non-adventures
+ got interviewed by the phoenix biz journal
+ put feathers in my hair
+ read the book of mormon again
+ published more stuff on the huffington post
+ became a ward missionary
+ travelled to portland
+ travelled to seattle
+ travelled to utah 4 times
+ finally caved and got a smartypants phone
+ took the GRE
+ dressed up as a dragon for halloween
+ got braces

my most popular blog posts in 2011...

but mostly i love...
or any about dating

other personal favorites...

good gracious i've been busy!
seriously can't wait to see what 2012 has in store.
stay tuned for my resolution!

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