Monday, February 21, 2011

flowers in your hair

may or may not have left my heart.

(all photos courtesy of the meghan and her smartypants phone. no guarantees that they're in any semblance of order.)

two words: uncle jesse.

cathedrals are my favorite buildings. ever.
(yes that sign totally says "disabled access" and points at me. whatevs.)

chinatown. no white people. forks not even an option. 
no idea what we were eating.

meghan made me.

first cable car ride. headed to lombard street.

at the top of lombard. it is indeed very, very crooked.
and i would like to live there.

a new friend on the ferry ride to alcatraz.

 making a daisy chain on a sunday walk in Golden Gate Park.

chuurrrrrooo. my first street vendor purchase.

lacked free chocolate like the rumors foretold.

waiting for bob saget & fam to come frolick with me.

we ate clam chowder here. naturally.

in sausalito, i believe. 

i've just got that first-taxi-ride-ever glow, don't i?

fact: this street car was parked. staged adventure & whimsy.

moose and possum(?) hats. actual adventure & whimsy.

a side effect of solitary confinement in alcatraz is that your eye starts becoming cartoonish and at one with your hat.
in case you hadn't heard.

the bridge in all its glory. i want to run across it. daily.

my birthday banana shake.


my new best friends.

he waited for us at church. not moroni. (note the angry eyebrows.)
we're thinking king noah. capone? where you at?

as opposed to the regular seafood section listed above this section. hrmm.


Tyson J. said...

That is Laman actually.
I sell those guys.

Unknown said...

I fell in love with San Fran when I was 7. I have yet to go back and I say I will every year. Looks like an amazing trip!

Sherri Romney said...

Happy late birthday! I am glad you got a shake. And a banana one at that! Loved the pics. I'm jealous you went to Ghirardelli's. That was where Jacob and I had our first date. At the one in San Diego. We have yet to go back...
Love you! Keep having fun!

Ashley and Daniel Tanner said...

Tonight I was reading to Lucy about King Noah and she kept calling him King NoNo...Maybe she has the right idea. And Maybe Dan the man and I should move to San Fran and be the real "tanner" think D.J. would mind?