Tuesday, February 15, 2011

personal shopper

(yes i'm back in arizona. much to report. pictures to come. plus a belated v-day post ... like i would just skip it, psh. in the meantime, back to my regularly scheduled progamming...)

my darling older sister likes to shop online. and i quote her:
"i like that both of us function on such a level that, whenever we know we even maybe might be doing something/going somewhere, etc., we start planning out outfits. i believe that is the part of the family artistic gene that we got. we like to be artfully appropriate for our surroundings. some people adorn their walls. i let my children do that with crayon. i choose to adorn by body."
she's very good at coming up with excuses explanations for why all of our siblings can draw/paint/whatnot except she and i.

in any case, one day i told her i wanted these pants i saw at charlotte russe. later that day, she constructed me an entire outfit around said pants. perhaps i will one day own this ensemble. for now, it is simply art.

these pants from charlotte russe:

this blouse from urban outfitters:

plus this belt from nordstrom:

an unexpected shoe color (which i love) from Zappos:

and don't forget the earrings from HSN:

i look smashing, in my imagination. simply ravishing.

it's arizona. i contend we can wear white/creme whenever we want. isn't it convenient?

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