Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the rhythm of my heart

[music: #177, "FM Radio" by joshua james. thanks baby sister for the recommendation.]

(courtesy of etsy)

it's no secret. february is my favorite month out of the entire year.

possible reasons why:

1. it is unique. it's shorter than the others and randomly has an extra day as it pleases. how wonderfully quirky! i do like being kept on my toes.

2. my birthday. nuff said.

3. valentine's day. i am never ashamed to admit that i sincerely l-o-v-e this holiday! i even blogged about it once, back in my newspaper column days.

4. heart-shaped everything.

it's your favorite too now, isn't it?

well ... it'll grow on you.

1 comment:

Chantal said...

You are ADORABLE. Oh, and I do believe I wrote a little febrero love inspired note on the whiteboard on our fridge this morning...