Friday, February 11, 2011

and many more

i feel like i just wrote a blog about turning 23 and identifying with a certain jimmy eat world song.

sooo ... what's so fabulous about turning 24?

well, i now feel a new affinity with jack bauer. which means i should probably start actually watching 24 sometime this year.

also i can now pretend this lovely switchfoot song is about me:

a good thing about my birthdays in general: skittle cake

for as long as i can remember, my mama has made the exact same cake on my birthday. white cake, strawberry frosting, and skittles. aside from this charming dessert, i confess that i don't like most cake flavors that much. let's not even talk about the horrific sad-excuse-for-a-dessert-that-shall-not-be-named (*cough*yellowcakewithchocolatefrosting*cough*) (*cough*yellowisntarealflavoranyway*cough*).

skittle cake keeps me young at heart. i plan to eat it when i'm 85 and still feel like i'm spry enough to jump in puddles and whatnot.

in any case. i think this birthday will be smashing. i love birthdays in general (and insist celebrations should last for at last a 2-week period) but this one is particularly exciting because ...

i'm flying to san francisco tonite! with meggles. because we can.

my umbrella and boots will report upon returning next week. but don't worry, my blog will post without me. like magic.

in the meantime, i'll be here, making friends with the sea lions:

and here, looking for b. saget and j. stamos:

(from eKarjala)

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