Saturday, February 12, 2011

out of office.

hi, i'm in sanfran.

i'm opting out of telling y'all my itinerary for today in case you're a creeper who stalked my blog and saw that i wrote about the italian mafia that one time and therefore want to tie cement bricks to my feet and introduce me to the SF bay.

for that reason, you're all just getting a video of something i HOPE to see on location. (anyone else getting an enrique iglesias vibe?)

also, i sincerely thought this was about a woman ... until it apparently is about fatherhood.

which, of course you pay tribute to with a bare chest and many candles. whatevs.

i tried and failed to find a clip of the episode where bob saget is making out with his gf on the family couch and his lip gets caught on her earring. scaaaandal...

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