Wednesday, February 9, 2011

tattoos, commitment & the circus

fact: i like texting.
other fact: my friends are funny.

one amusing recent textersation:
[context: press-on tattoos. don't ask.]
me: i want the tattoo. on my calf muscle. i'm still miffed i didn't get to write on my leg at my 1/2 marathon.
he: i'll give you two -- one for the other calf, or your forehead. whichever.
me: forehead sounds like a commitment.
he: do you have commitment issues?
me: am i allowed to blog about a boy texting me to ask if i have commitment issues ... that's blog material.
he: you can blog about whatever you want, but you know i was just joking...
me: no no ... now i have to analyze my issues. apparently not tattooing my forehead is affecting my dating life.
he: you must be struggling for blog material.
and, a textersation with kels that still makes me laugh a year later:
[context: following a decision to join the circus]
me: if we r going for the traveling vagabond lifestyle can we get a driver named Henry and go to Denny's every night at 2am?
she: yes and i will change my name to Carpet.
me: does that mean i'm Magic?
she: U betcha, but for legal reasons we will have to call u Old Shaggy.

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