Friday, February 18, 2011

and i say, it's all right

today is a big day for a certain someone. meet my papanwa. today he is one year older and wiser too!

(he's the one on the right, clearly.)
(and yeah, i just used this photo in another post. but it's darling, ok?)

anyway. he's a good papa because he's good at treating my important things like they are important (didn't i just blog about that?)

because every time i called him during college to tell him i was changing my major and life plans for the 4th or 6th or 10th time, he still listened like i wasn't going to change my mind next week.

and because he's the funniest person i know. and then some.

and because he always tells me when there's fudgsicles in the freezer.

and because every year he walks me through my taxes and never gets impatient when i get distracted and stare at the walls/ceiling/anything-but-my-taxes.

and because he's very, very thoughtful. like that one time when i was homesick freshman year and he sent me flowers on valentine's day. and that other time i was homesick freshman year and he knew i loved a certain song and he had recently learned how to download music, and therefore he made me a CD with 8 different versions of said song and mailed it to me.

and who doesn't need a little "here comes the sun" when the utah winter weighs heavy on your soul? it officially became my most favorite song.

in any case.
happy birthday, papanwa! feliz cumpleanos and many more!

here's one lovely cover from the CD, just for kicks:

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Kenton Hawkes said...

Thank you Katie. You are a good girl and part of the reason that I am as old as I am. (Not really sure what that means...but I didn't have any advanced warning before writing this speech). A good day to you too. Love Dad.