Monday, February 28, 2011

R is for Ragnar, L is for Lego

as promised, the detes on my first ragnar experience...

my running:

5:30pm friday
9.2 miles
9.8min per mile average

4am saturday
3.4 miles
7.6min per mile average (hollllla!)

4.2 miles
(legs felt like cement at this point, btw)
9min per mile average

my thoughts on that:
i'm pleased with all my times, but i'm freakin' stoked about Leg 2. especially because i ran it thru random cow country. it smelled like home. i think it empowered me.

200 miles. 30ish hours. so much running. not so much sleeping. so much time in a mini van. not so much showering. so much dance partying on the side of the road.
oh, and sooo. much. LEGO.

my friend karolina. i could NOT get that vest on straight.

some of da crew. i wore that hood on my head app. 90% of the weekend.

i'm unsure if this is the sunrise or the sunset. 
because yeah, saw both of those events.

my preferred vantage point.

representin' the team. Run Your Leg-o!

this is my buddy james, and a friend he made.

my hardcore press-on ragnar tat on my (i-like-to-imagine-anyways) hardcore calf muscle.

don't be fooled, i wasn't that blissful. this was Leg 3, you know. that's more of an "i want to break your camera" smile.

the whole shebang, just past the finish line. i love us. 
L is for LEGO, by the way. not Loser.

think LEGO needs a new ad campaign??


Nichole said...

You should mail that picture (yes..MAIL, not email) to the Lego Company (Mattel?) and ask for money.

katilda said...

maybe they'll give us our own attraction at LegoLand. And/or a coupon of some sort...