Saturday, February 26, 2011

these special souls

[note: still off ragnaring. hopefully no collisions have occurred between my face and the pavement, caused by running in the aforementioned lego costume. either way, the blog is bound to benefit.]

just when i think i couldn't possibly divide my heart into more pieces to give to new passions and new people, i always go and fall in love with something else.

last week, i organized a KAST project with the Special Olympics:

(photo credits to the lovely kendra pettit)

besides that wicked cool yellow shirt, there is much goodness to mention about this volunteer experience.

i decided that what i admire most about these athletes is their ability to feel and express such pure, unadulterated emotion.

there is so much joy, and so little jealousy. if they love you, they tell you. if they want to hug you, they do. if they've experienced a victory, they'll yell and dance about it. if someone else is victorious, they'll yell and dance about that too.

can't we all take some notes? here are mine:

1. champion others. find joy in others' success.
2. champion myself. yell and dance about my accomplishments.
3. express my love openly.

in someone else's words, i recommend this story.

in my religion, we believe that these particular spirits were so valiant in the pre-earth life that they already qualified for admittance into God's kingdom -- something that the rest of us needed a mortal experience to prepare for.

basically, they are not sent here to depend on us. rather, so much depends on how much we learn from them.

so like i said -- are you taking notes?

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Ashley and Daniel Tanner said...

One of my best service oppertunities came when I coached a special olympics cheer squad in high school. I loved it!!! P.S. I think you should make a quilt with those sweet service shirts you get.