Friday, February 25, 2011

lucy in the sky with diamonds

[note: as you read this, i'm off gallivanting about on a ragnar relay. in a lego costume. yeah, you're excited for that post...]

if you didn't catch the delightful quote i added to my blog recently:
"but above all ... watch ... with glittering eyes, the whole world around you -- because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places." roald dahl
thank you, mr. dahl. i happen to agree. i think life absolutely sparkles.

i'm not naively optimistic. glum things happen. that's why it's healthy to be fascinated and charmed by the little stuff hidden in the cracks here and there.

there are certain things that make me happy without fail. it'd never all fit in one blog, but here's a sampling ... just in case a) i ever seem to need cheering up, or b) you're having trouble locating your own sparkle.

you may borrow mine.

color. stripes. thrifting. boots. bearded men. flannel shirts. thunderstorms. small towns. overcast weather in the summer. sunny weather in the winter. hammocks. fudgsicles. getting lost in a book. libraries. cathedrals. nail polish. volunteering. well placed quotes from sandlot, napoleon dynamite, nacho libre, heavyweights, what about bob, the phone call, little giants or the mormon version of pride & prejudice. watching my edited meet joe black. unexpected notes on windshields, doors, pillows, etc. free food. churros. paper snowflakes. valentines day. the 4th of july. people watching. broadway musicals. frisbee. frisbee. frisbee. love stories. puddle jumping. roadtrips. wiggling. my mama's jewelry. sibling time. roommate time. phone chats w/ mama or papa. long distance phone calls with besties. short distance phone calls with besties. texting. emails. houseplants. temple. mismatched furniture. windswept hair. underlining books. barnes & noble. books on parenting, marriage & motherhood. boys that smell good. blogging. conference weekend. dr pepper. david after dentist video. candy canes. my guitar. other people with guitars. people who are passionate about things. live music. fireworks. baseball. suns games. quirky & offbeat people. people who laugh easily. shnuggling. lawn games like croquet and bocce ball. rice. staying up very late. laughing until my tummy hurts and my eyes leak.

list to be continued, naturally.

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Nichole said...

Katie Elizabeth, I love you and your optimism. It's refreshing. I think I may copy your list of happiness, is that alright? I'd like to remember things that make me happy!