Monday, January 31, 2011


13.1 miles, kiddos!

Next on the docket: ragnar relay. It involves a team of people, funky costumes, 200ish miles, 24+ hours, and much spandex. (Naturally.) It goes down feb 25-26.

p.s. My darling niece and nephews understood 13.1 miles in their language: it took "longer than toy story 3" and was farther than "to preschool and back." also, my nephew kept asking, "Now that Katie's done running, can she play with us?"


The Ballard Family said...

Wow, your time turned out to be pretty neat and easy to remember. And yay for 1/2 marathon pictures! You really did awesome.
And the kids did think you were super cool for running that long and that far. guys look like super models after your race. What is that all about?
And...I look so intent watching for you. I was NOT going to miss getting the pictures!
Yay for Katie! I will be running with you some day. Can't wait.

Wandering Justin said...

Congrats, Katie! I knew you'd enjoy it. You had a great attitude throughout your training.

Fiery Jack said...

I'm impressed! And somewhat jealous. I ran one a few years ago... in 2:52.