Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i am a cat-sitter ▲

what would YOU say if you got offered a paying job that involved visiting a nice apartment ... with a comfortable couch ... and lots of quiet ... and a large collection of DVDs you mostly haven't seen?

i said yes. my name is katie and i am a cat-sitter. not full-time (why, are you offering?), just a weekend every now and again. and with the holidays, there have been a lot of now and agains recently.

meet mowgli:

okay okay, that's not really mowgli. i don't have a pic of my little feline friend, but i found this one online that's pretty similar. (thanks, Google images.)

following a recent investigation, i think mowgli has six toes on each forepaw (is that normal?), but that's a tale for another day.

i've been cat-sitting sweet syrupy little mowgli on and off for about 8 or 9 months now. she's one of those cats that MUST have your attention. she must be petted. she must be noticed. and she will yell at you if you don't meet her demands. (i know, sounds like one of those girls that you secretly wonder why your guy friend is still dating. it happens.) anyway, i put up with it. because truthfully, i like dear ol' mowgs. and i like being paid to visit her. and we like watching Oprah together, among other things.

we might venture into scrabble soon, now that i know she's got that secret, extra opposable thumb.

i'll let the following facebook excerpt tell the rest of the story of mowgli & i:

(sorry if it's hard to read ... i did what i could to invent proper dimensions without spilling off the side of my blog template.)
jungle book,


Bunka's said...

katie, katie, katie

oh how i love thee. let me count the ways.

ok i wont, but no, really... i LOVE reading your posts. i stalk you regularly, and i will continue. every. day. or every OTHER day.

keep being pretty close to perfect.


The Ballard Family said...

My favorite Mowgli story is the time he licked to sogginess the paper you had just taken notes on.
It might be the only real Mowgli story I know but it is most definitely a good one.
I think I am too delirious to be commenting on blog posts right now.
Case in point...just typed 'I think I am too DELICIOUS to be commenting on blog posts right now.'
That's right. Delicious.
And it's only nine p.m.
Guess that's the magic hour of deliciousness.
Not a word.
(My word is untabit. I will certainly not start defining these. That is your job. BUT I read it and became very excited to have a new word to use in lieu of swear words when angry and frustrated...or 'versbated' as James would have said a year ago, always trying to express his little preschooler feelings in a grownup way...UNTABIT!!!
Long comment.