Monday, January 3, 2011

papas fritos favorito ▲

so i got the following ornament from my Texan g-ma & g-pa for christmas:

if you can't read it, it says "middle child" and "dad's favorite."

i'll take it.

p.s. remember that time in 2010 (i like to talk about it like it was long ago) that i analyzed myself based on my middle-child (among other things) status? good times.

p.p.s. of course it was relevant that g-ma & g-pa are from Texas. anyone from the Lonestar State will tell ya, Texas is always relevant. i'll blog about it sometime.

p.p.p.s. you may not mock my spanish headline. i was aiming for wit, not correct grammar. curse you spanish high school class that taught me nothing. i'll blog about that sometime too.

1 comment:

The Ballard Family said...

Hahaha that is an awesome ornament.
And I am anxiously awaiting that Texas post.