Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i'm reed fish.

(sorry the last 3 posts have all included video clips. i usually aim for more variety. it just happened, ok?)


anyone have a favorite obscure movie?

here's mine:

a clever and delightful film miss katie lee and i discovered hiding in a blockbuster (remember when such a thing was still in business?) a couple years ago.

i like that it's quirky. and has an unexpected twist.

i also like that it's the reason i know schuyler fisk can sing. no really, examine my playlist #169-173. she's perfectly lovely.

and you all thought she was only destined for acting. though who doesn't need a little snow day and orange county in their lives?


Allison said...

So back in the day when I worked for a movie, book and music store, I stumbled upon this fine flick. I love Alexis Bledel so I bought it without even knowing what it was. Good choice on my part. I love that movie!

Nichole said...

Favorite obscure movie(s): Better Off Dead, Uncle Buck, and Heavyweights...naturally.

Today I made such a dork out of myself because I said "Far away!!" at work and then thought everyone would laugh and know what movie I was quoting. They did not. Lame faces. They should have been spending time watching Heavyweights, like us, back in the nineties instead of going to college and being grown-ups (I'm the youngest at my office by about 5 years.)

The Ballard Family said...

Um...my hunting season 2011 movie has officially been found. Before I even started looking. Now I just have to find the perfect recipe to go with my husband-out-of-town-kids-in-bed-house-is-clean movie night.
Pioneer Woman for recipes.
Katie for movie choice.