Saturday, January 15, 2011

i'm a mentor.

[music: #49, "life is a song" by patrick park]

last friday night, i simply didn't feel like hitting the town. so after a lovely KAST project with Feed My Starving Children, i flopped on my bed ... watched a movie on my laptop ... wrote in my journal ... read a bunch of stuff ... all the goods.

oh yeah, and i definitely did not distract my roommate diligently studying for the GRE. even when halfway thru her study session i serendipitously found this button in an old backpack.

i put it on my sweater and (in a not distracting way) eagerly pointed it out to her:

(yeah, that's my karate kid shirt.
what would YOU wear at home on a friday night??)

anyway, the following conversations occurred when i was (quietly) being being her (silent) study buddy. not distracting her in any manner. nope, don't recall that happening.

anyway, enjoy ...

we've since named her bulky-yet-loveable TV "onus." dear, sweet, sagalicious onus.

those words failed to show up on her beastly test. i feel personally affronted by the GRE.


Katie said...

I "like" this. Hahaha :)

The Ballard Family said...

I think that if I lived with you and your roommates for just one day, your conversation and energy would be so different than what I experience on a daily basis, it might add ten years to my life.
Just sayin.