Wednesday, January 26, 2011

bridesmaid round 10

It's true. Tomorrow's wedding will make it an official dime's worth of bridesmaiding. (What if hollywood makes a movie about me soon?)

In important news, i'll be wearing this:
{from shabby apple. i know, i'm drooling over the big bow too.}

and these, in dark brown:
{from cathy jean. my new scottsdale cheap-shoe obsession.}

and perhaps my hair will look like this, also in brown:
(inspiration found on grey likes weddings)

I sure do love weddings!

Real-life pictures to follow at a (hopefully-sooner-than-)later date.


Laura! said...

Katie! There is something seriously strange about our musical mind-connection. I admit that sometimes I pause your blog music and just listen to mine, and that's what I did today. After I paused yours, I scrolled through my playlist and chose which to listen to. It was Go Together. And then I started reading your blog and that was the suggested listening! This is getting freakyyyy

Alexis Kaye said...

wow. you are gorgeous. seriously. can we trade faces? stat!

katilda said...

haha alexis i'm flattered BUT that's not me in either of those photos! i stole them from other websites. but you can go on believing :)

The Ballard Family said...

Ahaha, if that was supposed to be you in that picture, who is that BOY? :)
You looked so lovely on Saturday! I think all the bridesmaid ensembles were a success.
And, if I may, your hair turned out even better than the picture!