Friday, January 7, 2011

live free, dive hard

[music: #65, "the tension & the terror" by straylight run. because it's an exciting song.]

so once upon a 2010, i played in a frisbee league. (remember how i schlotzkied my finger right before the tournament and it was the first thing i thought of as blood spewed from my phalange?)

yeah anyway. i think i promised to blog about said tournament. it was the summation of a league i played in for like 3 months. beautiful.

synopsis: we won.
other synopsis: it took 6 hrs of frisbee in one day to get to the championship game. my bod hurt somethin fierce the day after. so worth it. (i got a shiny prize frisbee. ooh, ahh.)

in any case, here's some pictures ... completely lacking any photos of me doing anything epic, but i promise epic things happened.
(sorry these are all out of order. promise the sun rose and set in a normal manner that day. don't get all apocalypse-wary on me.)

can't wait for league to start again in febrero!

i attempted to find an inspirational frisbee quote. i found this gem:

"most people can throw a frisbee. with 5 minutes of training, anyone can play Ultimate." Tony Bomber

meet me on the field, tony dearest. bring your fat mouth and a pair of cleats. love,katie

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The Ballard Family said...

Frisbee starts for your birthday! Yay!
I still have yet to know anything about frisbee or see you play. This should be the season that it happens. But, just to be safe, be sure to keep playing until my kids are older and stay up until past seven and JC doesn't work late.
Then I will for sure make it! I am so interested to see you in frisbee mode!