Sunday, January 9, 2011

if thou endure well

sundays are for inspiration.

need some?

try out this gem i fell in love with recently. it so absolutely spoke to me.

so please ...

promise you'll come out a better, more inspired human being on the other side. you can download the mp3 for free and check it out on your commute this week. ah, marvelous idea!

*spoiler alert*

mis favoritos:

"giving up is a denial of the Lord's capacity to see us thru all these things. giving up suggests that God is less than He really is."

"so much of life's curriculum consists of efforts of the Lord to get and keep our attention ... sometimes, what we're being asked to endure is His help - help to draw us away from the cares of the world, help to draw us away from self-centeredness ... help in the shaping of our souls, and help in keeping the promises we made so long ago, to Him and to ourselves."

"they didn't know if they would be rescued, but it didn't matter - they would serve their King."

"we endure when we cannot explain."

but really. that's such a small sample. go explore it for yourself.

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The Ballard Family said...

I have yet to listen to this...and I will...but I love the quotes that you shared. I LOVE them. They are riding along exactly with my thoughts as of late. I am on fire with this kind of thinking as of late. You have fed the fire.