Monday, January 24, 2011

turbo mode

[music: #21, "brighter than sunshine" by aqualung]

so this is kinda a big week for me.

nay ... a really big week for me:

1. my little sister's wedding on thursday
2. 1/2marty on saturday

so it's likely that much of this week's posts will be devoted to one of those two themes.

today, let's chat about running. so i'd heard that when you start running crazy long distances, it might be a good idea to pop some kind of energy supplement. at first, this rubbed me the wrong way -- i don't want any unnecessary junk in my bod.

but it turns out even people i know who are running purists -- let's call them hippies -- believe in these things. and i thought, there's probably nothing natural about running 10+ miles anyway ... so it probably takes a little extra boost to get thru it.

so after much research (Google) and consulting w/ the experts (the man at the running store who thought my roommate and i were in high school), i selected a winner:

shot bloks. they're gummy -- like gummy bears, the running man at the store said -- but who can trust his opinion when he's a few years off in his age assumptions?? but trust him i did.

the first flavor tasted terrible. but then i tried strawberry.

and i approve.

did it make a huge difference? i tried it for the first time on a 9-miler. since i'd never run that far before, i have nothing with which to compare. but since i didn't die by the end, i figure it did me some good!

so the strawberry shot bloks shall accompany  me on 1/2marty.

5 days, kids.

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LaurenHoya said...

I almost want to go watch your half! Maybe it would inspire me to run one someday!