Wednesday, January 19, 2011


[music: #137, "don't worry baby" by the beach boys. because it's healthy to listen to that song about once a month.]

there's something comforting about having a personalized internet homepage. every time i use a computer where the homepage is still set on, i feel overwhelmed the minute i sign on.

(maybe a bit more informed about current celebrity happenings, but overwhelmed nonetheless.)

anyway, i just really adore my iGoogle.

i like that i made it whilst living in utah, so i still see the weather forecast for both here and there:
(warms your heart if you live on this side of the state line, yeah?)

i also like that, during baseball season, it tells me the current baseball standings:
(even if it's almost never good news for my beloved diamondbacks)

also there's this friendly little tree frog that follows my mouse around:
(i like him.)

and let's not forget the moon phases:
(makes it easy to impress people when i can identify the moon phase. waning crescent, anyone?)

but my favorite part is the template i chose. it's a delightful little park. i shall call it my iPark. and it changes depending on the time of day. i mostly love when the hot dog peddler appears, peddling his wares -- can you spot his cart?

i'm glad that my little iPark isn't realistic enough to have any creepy drug dealers and thugs wandering the hood at night. just stars and empty see-saws, waiting patiently for the ninos to return.

no thugs, but sometimes during the day there are iJoggers out and about. (going a little iCrazy, sorry.) the point is ...  remember how i'm a runner too, now? 10 days, by the way. 10 days til 1/2marty.


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