Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the year of bob saget

[music: go google the Full House theme song]

but really. i'm going to san francisco for my birthday next month. i fully plan on finding the house/park where they filmed the opening sequence to Full House and reenacting a proper frolic with the g.g. bridge in the background.

in the meantime.

i took the following to a white elephant christmas party last month:

(don't drool on your computer.) 

got that preciously delightful frame at a church service auction (someone had to buy it) and (lovingly) tossed it into my backseat.

so when i was running late for the aforementioned christmas shindig, i resorted to pawning off one of the treasures hiding in my car. (which are plentiful and glorious, mind you.) en route to meet up with miss katie lee, i phoned her w/ an urgent request: "please print me a picture of john stamos, stat!"

good friends don't ask questions.


Allison said...

that is awesome! i love it!

LaurenHoya said...

flour + water = where you need to eat!

The Ballard Family said...

I love the comment about not needing to ask questions. Maybe I need to tell my children that.
And maybe I need that picture to remind me of the good ol' days. Remember when that show was on TGIF? And we used to actually sit down as a family and watch TGIF? Oh man, good times.
Any evening that involves both Steve Urkel and John Stamos is set up for success.