Thursday, December 22, 2011

christmas eve...eve....eve...

so, tradition has it that my familia goes to dinner on christmas eve.
and we always go to the olive garden

this year, we went out on december 20
and we went somewhere new

we're gettin' crazy up in here!

so here it is, photographic evidence that may include...
the live john denver music
the silvery boots on the old lady at the next table
photo sessions with da nephews
my attempt to claim the donut i wanted with a hearty bite
my sister's attempt to claim the other donut with a finger poke
oh, and...maybe a surprise from my glory days....

and, the crowning jewel...

hot ham, i look good.


his little lady said...

these pictures are amazing, and everything looks like so much fun!!! adore family traditions!
xo TJ

The Ballard Family said...

Haha I love it!! The boys LOVED taking pictures with you!!