Saturday, December 3, 2011

extreme makeover: blog edition

this is called hibernation:

my blog did that this week.
it maybe did that whole cocoon thing, too.
[not to be confused with raccoon, mancoon or....pinecoon.]


welcome to!

that's right kiddos...
i've gots me a custom domain.

[cheers! snaps! foot stomps! uncontainable rioting and lighting of things on fire!]

go poke around!
it doesn't look perfect....but i done what i could with my blossoming html skills.

...i've never liked the word "blossoming."
...especially in such close proximity to the word "poke."

and just so you know what the hibernation/cocoon/not-pinecoon truly consisted of...

...hope i didn't get anyone fired, eh?

the playlist is up there in its own tab now, lest you were ready to throw yourself into a fit of angst and teeth gnashing. the music did not die.


Emma Frances said...

So excited for the new blog! And your twitter feed was hilarious!

Katie said...

you know what "blossoming" reminds me of? time to blossom.