Monday, December 26, 2011

buttons! pleats! bows! (toothpaste!)

fact: thrifting is one of the greatest pleasures of my life.

it's also a good cure for the shopping bug, minus the guilt.

i am, however, progressively running out of room in my closet...

...but today we are not thinking about that.

so, enjoy my finds from a recent Goodwill run!

with a few sponsors:
photos, courtesy of my smartyphone.
modesty in the yellow dress, courtesy of my hair.
class & style, courtesy of my mismatched, folded-down socks.

oh, and remember my phone cover looks like a cassette tape...
...lest you be confused, like everyone always is.

blue buttoned skirt, $4.99

green pleated skirt, $2.50

yellow dress with a bow, $9.99

oh, and don't worry,
i totally wore that green skirt this weekend.

what's that?
you want a picture?
maybe in my messy bathroom?
maybe while i'm brushing my teeth?

well, if you insist...



Unknown said...

It's good to see you're still purposely not matching your socks :)

katilda said...

ha! except it has evolved from "i'm 15 and want to make some kind of i'm-different-than-everyone-else statement" to pure and simple "i frankly don't care enough to dig through my sock drawer for longer than 0.0009 seconds."

Ash said...

Holy cow! That stuff is so cute. What a steal! I may have to try my local goodwill out.

Myke said...

Per your comment above, my philosophy on sock matching has evolved in line with yours.

Erin said...

looks like you had success "thrusting." i still need to learn how to find awesome clothes, i just don't see it.

Harley said...

Super cute! those are some seriously great finds. I love thrifting.