Monday, December 26, 2011

when i'm 80.

christmas, christmas, christmas...

...'twas lovely, my friends.

much laughter.
much family.
much gifts given & received.
much blossomingJustDance3 addiction...

and much pictures to come, don't fret!
but here's a taste, my festive green pants and all:

it is like....1am.
and i was just thinking to mineself.

my thoughts wandered to a story i meant to blog about, but it slipped my mind.
you see, one night in november i wanted hot chocolate...

three friends obliged and went with me.
and as we were leaving the local QT with our beverages in hand,
an old man with a newspaper stopped us.

fact: i like old people.

i like the stories they tell...
they often seem quite wise.
and they have perspective.
and they play some fierce uno.

this man at the QT, he told fantastical stories.
i think he said he invented chocolate?
and maybe was friends with warren buffet?
and used to drive a shmancy car?
the details are fuzzy.

but what i remember most is that he talked a lot about money.
about wealth.
about living fancy in a hoity toity part of town.

...i feel like the newsies when i say hoity toity.
[...christian bale?!]

now this man lives in an area he considers the slums.
he had disdain.
he was not a fan of the neighborhood.
his greatest pleasure, he told us, were his daily trips to the nicest grocery store in walking distance to get a name-brand cherry pastry-something-or-other.
we must have one of those cherry things, he said.

and you know...
i felt a little sad for him.

i hope when i'm 80 that i'm not looking down on everyone around me, even if i live in "the slums" and don't drive a fancy car or hang with warren buffet.

also, i typed "buffest" at first...

in any case,
if i don't want to be consumed by unimportant things when i'm 80...

...i sure hope i'm not wasting time worrying about them now.

though, the cherry whatever-pastry-he-said didn't sound too shabby.
i could totes be on board for that idea.

what do YOU want to be doing when you're 80?

this will be me...
yellow pants and all, kiddos.


tiny dancer said...

Cute post! Looks like you had a fabulous Christmas :) Thank you so much for visiting my blog and I hope you are having a fabulous holiday season <3


Elisabeth Gee said...

Adorable :)

Myke Olsen said...

I hope I'm crotchety when I'm 80, but in an endearing way, not in a I-don't-appreciate-the-good-things-I-have sort of way.