Wednesday, September 7, 2011

z is for zion, h is for hiking

so, a couple weekends ago i went on a grand adventure
destination: one of my most favorite places in the world
[ah, red rocks! how my heart beats for you!]
we hiked the subway
[don't miss the uh-mazing picture at that link! i was totally there!!]
yeah, it took like 8 hours
and yeah, the water was colder than hades
[i'm somewhat convinced hell might feasibly be a miserably cold place, you know]

so, here's a zillion photos

not pictured:
the fact that we got rained on all night and the tent leaked
much ravioli that was consumed
much soreness incurred after the massive hike
a horrific, water-logged dead squirrel that still haunts my dreams
[rodents make me come unhinged in any form. unhinged i tell you!]
many, many pirate tattoos
a most intriguing blister my toe decided to sport
[keep in mind this was BEFORE the hike. moleskin, you are my salvation!]
a natural water slide
me, rappelling [holla!]
more white skin than you ever wanted to see
a plethora of cheesy, brady bunch-esque poses
me riding home in a travel-sized, fetal position
[hey, we only brought the necessities...]

i'll let the rest of it speak for itself...


[i don't know what your take on that last picture is, but i'm pretty sure it's instructing us not to feed oreos to the wildlife...noted, park rangers. noted.]


Emma Frances said...

This looks like so much fun. Other than the blister on your toe of course. I would have died! And I agree with your take on the last picture. Haha.

Ash said...

Okay that looks pretty epic. There is so much cool stuff out west. You're lucky you can go cave crawling or cliff diving or mountain biking. The only thing you can do out east is die of humidity.

Ash said...

I also got my shirt from H&M and it is also my favorite shirt!! I wash it like twice a week so I can wear it all the time! Are you wearing it in this post?

karajean said...

I have the same brown flip flops as you! Oh, and the rest of the pictures are pretty good, too.