Tuesday, September 20, 2011

in which i say goodbye to summer

did i mention...
i had the most marvelous of weekends
here's a little glimpse...

we rise like morning birds
 spreading wings of hope
stretching, reaching toward the sun
and we are alive

we are shimmering with new days
and horizons
and wild, meandering dreams
that take us by the hand
whisper delicious secrets
and compel us on

whirling us around corners
stealing the breath from our lungs
imbibing us with exhilaration
flowing with reckless abandon through our veins

and then
as gently as we were stolen
we are returned
tucked back into our corners
windswept hair settling on our shoulders
and we are the same

except for
sunfreckles telling stories on our arms
eyes widened and new
and a pulse that throbs of early june
and tells of warm rainstorms
and beats reminiscent of late nights in august

and we are, still, alive


Annie Citrine said...


Emma Frances said...

Wow! Your writing is beautiful! More please? :] And I love the pictures! Where was this?