Monday, September 26, 2011

confessions: i went to detention

this is probably one of those posts i will have to hold off showing to my posterity until they are adults themselves and won't use it against me.
[ah but right now, they aren't even fetuses so i can write whatever i want. ]


ok fact:
i got detention multiple times in jr high and high school
was it because i mouthed off to my teachers?
well...not every time [but sometimes, yes]
sometimes, it was because i forgot my hmwk

and guess what?
i ditched class in high school
um, more than once
and, more than twice
[ get the picture]

in my defense, my older sister used to paint her fingernails black and ditched her math class to spend lunch with her boyfriend
so, can we say it's in my genes?
[love you mandysister]

and crap, now i totally want black nail polish...

the truth is,
i almost never felt guilty for getting detention

i mean, i didn't love it or anything
but, i was usually at peace with whatever i did that got me there
forgetting my hmwk? it happens
skipping english class to eat lunch with friends? never regretted that one

i think i've always had a little bit of this in me...
a total willingness to accept my consequences if i think the trade-off is worth it
also, i've always had a strong sense of contentment with my own choices, whether anyone else agrees with them or not

i could have probably used a lesson or two in respect for authority, in retrospect...

other fact:
i always had a hard time respecting the authority of people who i didn't respect as leaders or educators
those teachers who hated their jobs and didn't know diddly about the subject matter?
i didn't want to be in the classroom any more than they did

so, i ran free.
and you know...
i have a lot of good memories

i've always wondered what i'm going to do if/when my own kids have a rebellious streak

"yes baby, sometimes your teachers are idiots and your classes are pointless, but that's life! maybe get better at not getting caught? here's some tips..."

i kid, i kid...
will work on that script.

glad to get this off my chest.
can you relate to me? anyone?


Devin Jenkins said...

I ditched class. A lot. Once I had a car, I became a "wild child." Sometimes I left at lunch, casually walking out with the seniors who had free hours the last classes of the day. Other times, I just didn't go to school at all. I would get ready, walk out so my mom wouldn't as questions and spend the day touring the Valley. I graduated, with a 3.5 GPA. Never got detention. No regrets.

Myke said...

I loved ditching class. My senior year I'm pretty sure I had the maximum absence allowance for each class (except for ceramics, why would I ditch ceramics?).

The Ballard Family said...

WHAT?? Haha what the heck...when I was ditching my math class to hang out with my boyfriend (who happened to like my black fingernail polish...), weren't you like, nine?? How were you even aware of this?
Man...there's a life lesson I will teach my kids...your family will always find out about the ridiculous things you do!!, except I guess I didn't know you were ditching class that much in highschool...though I did know that Andrew taught you how to catch the after-school phone call from the attendance office.
Now I have ratted out another sibling. The circle of life is complete. :)
And yes, I so relate to the authority thing. I have begun to wish I had been a little more respectful looking back but I still struggle with accepting someone as an authority figure "just because." Just because they did something I didn't do (so?), have lived longer than me (doesn't necessarily mean lived better, so what's the deal?), or have been placed in a position to teach me (I will choose myself who I'll consider my life teachers, thank you.)
Yeah...bad attitude...still trying to get rid of that one.
I also wonder how I'll deal with my kids when they falter in the same ways I did/do. Guess we'll find out!

Katie said...

Hahaha. I love thinking about you mouthing off because it so rarely happens now. Also, I nominated you for a blog award. Yep. I did that.

Annie Citrine said...

I ditched SO MUCH in junior high and high school. Class is for suckers! I never ditched classes I liked though. haha

Emma Frances said...

I wasn't a ditcher. I was a scaredy cat. But I wish I had more because I look back and so many classes really weren't all that important.

Ash said...

I never got detention, but I should have. I ditched a lot. I'd just forge notes from my mom saying I had a doctor's appointment. So I never got caught. Ha!