Wednesday, September 14, 2011

polaroid moments (3)

oh you know, just some pictoral shots (not to be confused with pectoral, because that would be totes inappropriate, you guys...) from the recent happenings in my little world, taken with my shmancy little smartphone.

content may include...
improvising w/ a george foreman when the cinnamon toast craving strikes
(apparently we don't own a toaster these days)
a few images from the workplace things i stare at for 8 hrs a day
(or, in some cases, that which stares at me over my shoulder)
a cloud in effigy of a certain flying dog from a certain neverending story
a candle w/ which i am forming a deep, committed relationship
and....aphrodisiacs for knitters??


oh, and let's not overlook the fact that, halfway through this post, i abandoned my computer and stood outside in a torrential downpour. and then there may have been a cardigan, moccasins and a small mug of cocoa. because sometimes, that is simply what one must do.


Emma Frances said...

I love your Panda Express fortune. Hilarious! And I love that you went a stood in a thunderstorm. I made my husband take me out in our freezing cold thunderstorm the other night so we could kiss in the rain. Haha. So cold but SO worth it!

Casey said...

love it! and, yeah, that is definitely what one must do sometimes :)

The Ballard Family said...

I LOVE that picture of you, post-rain-play! And I love that we were out in it at the exact same time doing the exact same thing. :)