Tuesday, September 13, 2011

textersations, round 4

ah, the time has come again!
disclaimer: the advent of the katiezoic iphone era somewhat stymied my grasp on my cellular life for a season.

[what i'm saying is, i was better at saving texts before i got the iphone, though i promise to be better. however, if you've texted me something insanely clever or witty in the last couple weeks....my apologies. 
rest assured you made an impact on my life, publicly commemorated or not.]

first, the following, after i dished out some really good advice for his roadtrip to udaho:

ah, maybe someday!
in the meantime, let's focus on other people...

kels, july 26
i wished for phil collins and the radio heard me.

kels, aug 9
no, i'm not crying while watching an episode of little house on the prairie where they address discrimination against dwarfs.

mandysister, august 12
on blue's clues, they play a game where they sing, 'what will it be? what will it be? to find out, put your hand in and see!' i cannot be alone in thinking this is the worst game ever.

nathaniel b. honka, august 14
i have sent you a piece of electronic mail.

kels, august 16
my dad just asked me what a front butt is. he wanted to make sure he doesn't have one.

kels, august 16
does the stuff in your trashcan ever just randomly move and freak the crap out of you? that just happened.

mr. alderson, august 16
[after i asked him about the condition of his sprained ankle]
large and on ice, much like disney shows

mandysister, august 18
james just prayed for a pet unicorn


and finally, let us reflect on the following, after i informed a certain mr. nickerson that institute was relocating due to lack of AC at the regular building...

i thrive off heat. on principle, i'm going to have to stick with the proper and classic church bldg location

yeah but there's no treats...

gah! you've got me there.

although, the little scoutlings do gather there as well.

and they do look up to me as a mentor and role model. i can tell.

is it the bowl cuts?

i think that's due to Bieber's influence.

i'm thinking of publishing the Bieber Theory of Relativity.

i'm intrigued, and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

it's actually telepathically distributed, so you'll simply have to tune in. the church will next offer MENTAL ham radio classes.
[remember the ham radio classes? bahahah]

confound it, telepaths get all the good stuff! and it appears the Bieber Conspiracy Theories may have some foundation...

i'm almost on board with believing he is Tu Pac reincarnate, but that would compel me to abandon the theory that Tu Pac is still alive, which i am not apt to do.

they do share uncanny similarities. i'm more inclined toward the twisted clone school of thought, for the reason you mention.

this merits further investigation. i suspect if we play the bieber movie backwards, all will become clear.

there's a bieber movie?!? if only i'd known...


then the course is clear.

have a nice day. keep the delightful texts coming.
enjoy rounds one, two, and three if you please.


Emma Frances said...

Bahaha! I love these. :) And I would say that I've gotten better at saving texts since the iPhone. Especially since you can snap pics of them. Haha. You seriously have awesome textersations with people though. I'm going back to read old ones!

shirley elizabeth said...

I'm not crying. It's just been raining on my face.

The Ballard Family said...

Oh my gosh that one from Kelsey about her dad is going to keep me from getting anything done today...I cannot stop laughing