Wednesday, September 28, 2011

so about those 3D movies...

really, just one question...

i mean,
i've seen a 3D movie like once
and i think it was an attraction at disneyland...
or six flags?
and i think it made me really, really nervous

but lately everyone's all,
let's make all movies 3D!
even harry potter!
even old favorites that made you cry when you were 7and didn't understand how one lion could be so terrible to all the other lions, including his own family!

i digress.


i like that lion king is back in theatres
[we need to teach this phineas-ferby generation to wise up, yo!]

but um...
remind me why it wasn't good enough without special glasses?
["they're trying to kill it! they're trying to kill it!" ...a zillion cool points to anyone who can possibly name that reference.]
are hyenas going to leap out at me?
are antelope going to stampede into the audience?
i can't handle the anxiety!
this sounds like a recipe for a heart attack or an unfortunate bladder mishap
or, screaming when i'm not supposed to in the middle of a movie
[i already do this more often than appropriate]

so yeah...
you tell me
what's the big deal with 3D movies?
are you on board or not so much?


Alan Taylor Farnes said...

I've seen a few simply because I accidently bought the 3d ticket or because that was the only showtime. For example, Gnomeo and Juliet, and Rio (I think those are the only ones). I don't think i even noticed any 3d-ness--at least not enough to pay extra for and have to wear some annoying glasses. I think it's lame and a fad but there must be enough people who do like it cause it is really taking off.

Annie Citrine said...

I've seen a couple. They always make me feel nauseated. :( BOO ON 3D!

Katie said...

I hope you were referring to the unfortunate bladder mishaps when you said you do it more often than is appropriate.

And I've only seen Avatar in 3D, but I thought it was kinda cool. But for other movies, such as the Lion King, totally not worth the extra five bucks or whatever it is.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think 3D is super lame. Some movies may need it just as a gimmick to draw an audience (although personally, I'm more likely to be repelled by a 3D label), but Lion King could have gone back into theatres without it and still have been a success. Hello! It's got Mufasa.

Monica Christiansen said...

I, too, was skeptical about 3D. Felt like it was unecessary, and hoped it would blow over. Because I LOVE me my movie theatre time. Who knows, maybe it still will blow over. But I think the experiences I have had with it have actually managed to change my opinion :) Most artists involved in movies want to create the ultimate artform that involves all senses (Plato actually had some sort of theory on this). A movie is as close as it gets. Directors are starting to use 3D as an advancement of the experience so that you feel even more inovlved in the movie. But let it be known, that this can be done artistically, or it can be generic/tacky. The director for the last HP movies explained his choice to use 3D as an artistic enhancement of the audience's experience, but that he would NOT have any hands or objects cheesily looking like they're flying out into the audience. Most directors just use it to enhance the depth and layers of what you're seeing. I for one, am learning to love it :) Lion King was perfect, yes. But my goodness being able to see even more clearly all the layers of the beautiful landscapes makes you more aware of the artistic attention that was given to every last detail. Its a bummer that it makes some people dizzy.... but I love it nonetheless and am even a little bit open to the idea of it becoming a permanent part of movies. Katie sister, maybe you will love it, too. But given our views on sharks and the ocean in general, its possible there are some things that we just will never share affection for ;)

Monica Christiansen said...

....oh gross, that comment was long haha

Kristin said...

oh my gosh - that reference is driving me nuts. I can see the little kid freaking out. High pitched voice all panicked like "They're trying to kill it!" I will figure it out. don't you worry.

Jayme said...

I *hate* the 3D! It always makes me feel sick! Unless it's just a shorty one, like a Disneyland attraction, ya know? But when I saw Alice in 3D I had to take breaks and close my eyes!

Jael said...

3D movies give me a headache.
Also, I know where that quote is from, but only cuz I googled it, which I think negates the cool points, although the clip I found on youtube did give me a laugh.

Myke said...

Not a fan of 3D. That said, I will probably still see Star Wars in 3D when they release it next year or whenever it is.

Emma Frances said...

I'm not sure what the big deal is either. 3D movies give me headaches so I'm not a fan at all! Oh, and I fall asleep during almost every movie so I'm not paying extra money to fall asleep and/or get a headache.

Laura! said...

Haha I don't love, I don't hate. For me, it's just like looking at sometihng in real life, which can be cool or pointless. Example: HP 3D. It was okay. Cool to see all the depth. But I got used to it too fast to appreciate any of the small details that were different from regular-type. BUT Lion King 3D? FANTASTIC. See, that's the sort of movie where it's super cool to show all the depth and landscapes and animals in 3Dness! I highly recommend it. And nothing jumps out. The weirdest part was that shot of Scar flying straight towards the viewer at the end. A little unnerving haha