Friday, September 9, 2011

celebrating the big 3 oh!

oh hey...
remember how my parentals have been married for like three decades?
[you almost thought this post was about my 30th bday, didn't you? wrong. i'd like to start with 25, thank you.]

well the whole familia was fiiiiinally in town and we fiiiiinally got around to celebrating
[2 months late is better than never, right? right.]

you see, my papa served his church mission in italy
[many moons ago in the 70s, in a brown suit and stuff]
and he and momsie always talked about going there for their 30th
i think us ninos were a bit expensive to raise
and the whole italy thing has unfortunately not ended up happening

we brought italy to them!

pros of the night:
much delicious pasta, made by the sistren of the family
a sister who can decorate cakes like nobody's bizness
games and stuff

con of the night:
i think i was allergic to my pasta [pictured below in the skillet]
oh, it was beautiful
and it was delicious
a labor of love, i tell you!
but ... it made me itch all night
[has balsamic ever made anyone else itchy?? sigh.]

here it is in pictures!
don't mind the fact that there is generally a lack of people in the photos....i guess we're not the posing, picturey type of family
[picturey. yeah.]

that last one is a love note my momsie drew for my papa during game time. gee they're cute!
[and it's a ewe...not a sheep. in case you missed that.]


karajean said...

That's kinda stinking adorable. My parents just celebrated 25 years (last year?) and I had a vague idea us kids should throw them a party. But we never did. Humph.

Anonymous said...

So my parents' engagement picture looks pretty much exactly like that photo of your parents--pose, background, brown suit. Funny thing is, they've been married ten years longer...

Emma Frances said...

Happy 30th to your parents! All of that food looks delicious. And my family is totally the same way about pictures. Haha. Also, I could totally see my mom writing a silly note like that. Oh, and I love the hanging lights. So pretty!

shirley elizabeth said...

Oh snap - my dad served in Italy in the 70s as well...but he's got kids older than 30 so probably not the same years...

carlymae said...

Ahahahaha, the first thing I thought when I glanced at that last pic your mom drew was - " Wait, how do her parents know about llamas....they must be really, I haven't seen a llama in a long time...I wonder where the nearest one is..." etc, etc. Then my mind rambled for a bit until I snapped out of it and realized it was a ewe. An ewe? Woah, that's weird. Which is it?? Okay. I need to go to bed. That is all.

carlymae said...

What the Carly Mae? This is Larsypants.