Thursday, September 29, 2011

in my noodle: swag, mucus & chicken nuggets

i was just pondering what to blog about
and it turns out, i think about a lot of things
in the ol' noodle, as i mentioned
[anyone else thinking about PBJ otter right now? noodle dance?]

here's what we've got today...
now you can pick what's most interesting to you
and pretend that my blog was personalized and relevant to your life
"win win win!"
[only one person in the world can name THAT quote and its reference. tiff? you reading this?]

items of mental discussion:

i'm pretty particular about water bottles. namely, i hate it when they're cold because then the condensation monster gets all up in my bizness and everything gets wet. i hate it when everything gets wet. i also can't stand the pop-top kind. even if it has a pop-top, i will still unscrew it and drink it the way i prefer. why? no one knows.

i notice teeth a lot. this could be because i have braces and i pine [oh sweet betsy how i pine!] to have pretty, straight teeth again that i can obsessively use crest whitening strips on. in the meantime, i'll just look at everyone else's teeth. don't go feeling all self-conscious now.

i'm getting my braces off sometime in the next 3-4 months. i'm not telling you when, because surprises are fun!

i actually don't think all surprises are fun.

i like the word swag. i really want to incorporate this into my everyday vernacular.

i also like the word vernacular.

it's probably my favorite thing ever when i see guys buying flowers at the grocery store. some lucky lady back home thinks she's just getting a loaf of bread, but little does she know! ohmyfercuteness.

i really like getting flowers. such pretty little things.

i like twitter.
[@k8ehawkes, yo!]
i haven't made the pinterest leap yet.
or spotify.
though, i do want to try me some spotify.

i laugh really hard when i watch about a boy. i don't know why it's sodangfunny to me. maybe i just automatically approve of hugh grant at all times, canyoublameme?
[thx chantalion!]

i am an introvert.
i am also an extrovert.
perhaps i am just a vert.

when i shower, i always perform my cleanliness activities in the exact same order. i even face a certain wall during each routine. is this OCD-ish, or normal? [maybe you do it too and you just haven't noticed. now you will notice. you're welcome.]

a reallycuteboy once told me i had a booger on my face. in my defense, we were swimming. everyone has this problem while swimming, right? nostrils just gettin all crizzazy and thinking they can do whatevs they want. sigh.

yesterday the chicken nuggets in the cafeteria were really spicy.
like, way too spicy.
they were also neon, fire-orange.
in retrospect, this should have been a tip-off.

i currently have the noodle dance song stuck in my head.

this morning i laughed in public.

this morning whilst laughing in public, i choked on some mucus hiding in my throat and it made a horrible throttled noise that sounded notsomuch like laughter and likely greatly disturbed the people around me and led them to believe i have horrific, bacterial diseases contracted in an unseemly manner. shrug.

i would someday like to spend some time living in the countryside in europe, buying food at little markets and making friends with the locals. scarves and daily hot chocolate will be involved. maybe i can do this when i write my book. "mi manifesto!" [reference? anyone? geezlouise i love quizzing you guys!]

there's an annoying bubble in my iphone screen protector thing. i've tried to squish that amoeba away multiple times in the last 48 hrs. it is still there. looking at me right now. hooverdam you, stubborn amoeba bubble.

amoeba is a hard word to spell.

hooverdam is a fun word to use.

i have a potentially unhealthy relationship with sticky notes.

i think we need to focus on the following picture now. it's not THE funniest thing i've ever seen, but there's something about a cat in a turtleneck...or anyone in a turtleneck, for that matter...

[via busybeelauren]

the ol' gray matter is just about sponged out for the moment.
seriously, i'm surprised you're still reading this...

what's in your noodle today?


Myke said...

I love Pinterest, I just wish more guys did. Spotify is cool, though I don't use it much because I still haven't figured out how to get it to play my records.

Devin Jenkins said...

I have to say I have a lot on my mind today. The noodle dance song now, too. Currently I am taking a break from driving school to read your blog. Can I tell you what I have learned? If you are tired, upset, extremely happy or excited, taken a drug of any sort, if you are angry, if you are sad, if you are stressed, if you have any human emotion you are unable to suppress, you are unfit to drive. I am, at any given time, experiencing a number of these things. For instance right now I am unfit to drive because 1. I am tired (it's nap time) 2. I have a lot on my mind. 3. What is on my mind causes me to be slightly upset. Here's the issue, I want go to institute (mission prep, yay) to solve these problems, but how am I to get there if I can't drive??? Driving school, driving schmoool.

Emma Frances said...

Such an awesome post! :) Hilarious all around!

Kristin said...

mi manifesto is from, quite possibly, one of the BEST BMW episodes ever. good heavens. LOL. the sucker under his beard gets me every time. Playswith Squirrels.