Tuesday, September 27, 2011

music: i want you to(o)

it went down something like this as i laid on my bed the other night...

hey pandora, i need me a good jam

ah yes yes ... hows about some weezer? i know how you like you some rivers cuomo.

you've come thru for me again, pandora


hey youtubes, pandora got me hooked on a little ditty.
ever heard of it?

psh, pandora.
i see your weezer and raise you one sara b.

touche, youtubes. touche.


that's pretty much how i remember it happening.


Myke said...

I almost wish they would've recorded this jam as a duet to begin with (changing some of the words and dynamics to better fit Sara Bareilles' vocal range).

And I love songs with parenthetical titles so it's even better when they happen to be as awesome as this one.

Ash said...

I love both Weezer and Sara Bareilles! This is awesome!

Emma Frances said...

I'm loving your conversations with inanimate objects! :] Haha. Well, I guess YouTube and Pandora aren't EXACTLY inanimate....or are they? {I actually am really not sure of the answer to this question...haha!}

Katie said...

Now I know your magical music-finding secrets.