Sunday, November 13, 2011

(sleepless in?) seattle

here are the other half of the trip's pictures!

i know, there's a lot.

but some of my favorites are toward the bottom, so...
don't you quit on me now!

feel motivated? good.

oh, and that old-fashioned yellow building...
that's where we stayed.
seriously wicked cool.

by golly, i love seattle!
must. live. in. a. houseboat. someday.


LaurenHoya said...

Love the one of you smooching that panda bear thing!

Myke said...

Seattle is really the best. I need to head up there soon.

Erin said...

Pretty sure I have the exact picture you have with the starfish. My Seattle highlight was finding Merideth's house from Grey's Anatomy.

Emma Frances said...

Love this! So many awesome pictures! I guess I need to go to Seattle! The gum wall is so cool!