Monday, November 14, 2011

writing: one year ago, today

let's keep hiding, all quiet like
they'll keep seeking but they won't find us
let's keep living a quiet life
you and i

[a fine frenzy]

sometimes i pause
and think
about 365 days
one second there i am
in the middle of something big
or something small
but it's enough to preoccupy my thoughts
my emotions
my energy
my time
and then, as quickly as it came,
it passes.
and the calendar tells me, it's been a year
and my heart sometimes has forgotten
and sometimes is still hanging on
to whatever it was
there are always those moments
when the month and day stare back at me
and say,
"one year ago today..."
and sometimes the old feelings invade me
race through me
tighten my tummy
and lodge in my throat
but other times
they simply whisper in my ear

and are gone.



Emma Frances said...

Beautiful. And it is so interesting to think about a year ago and what I was doing/thinking/feeling. Time is such an interesting thing. I could never put my thoughts into beautiful words like you do. Lovely.

Carlie said...

You're such a good writer!

Kristin said...

my favorite of yours that I've read. love love love this!