Tuesday, November 1, 2011

to portleattle i go!

i am going away.

to the northwest.

for 5 days.

because i've never been.

i am going!

i won't tell you my whole itinerary
[i mean, what if one of you stalks me? i will not enable your creeping!]

but i will say,
i get to ride on a train
and the #1 priority on my to-do list for the entire weekend is to eat jelly beans while on said train
[bertie. freakin. bottt.]

now ima go pack my peacoat, scarves and mittens...
because this girl's got pure arizona runnin through her thin-blooded little veins.


au revoir, darlings!


Emma Frances said...

I can't wait to hear about all of your adventures! Have fun!!

Katie said...

Love the HP references. Always. HAVE FUN!

Laura! said...

I'd just like to say that I woke up today and that little weather thing on my phone said it was 12 degrees outside... And I was thinking that you should come visit on your way back, but I'm pretty sure I just sabotaged myself by telling you how cold it is here haha

Emily Sarah Brooks said...

Oh I ENVY you!! I dream of just picking up and GOING places. Anywhere. Mostly in Europe. Alas, these dreams shall have to wait until I'm rich. Have SO much fun and tell us all about it! (aka enable my creeping...not a big deal...)

Unknown said...

i hope you loved portland and seattle {love the hybrid!!!} it is quite freezing here in seattle...but it makes perfect for soup slurping, fabulous layers and lots of snuggling :) xoxoxo brynn