Wednesday, November 23, 2011

running report: down for the count

yep yep.
well, i set my official 1/2marty goal:

i want to run it in less than 2 hours
which means 9 min per mile or less
which is 30 min quicker than last year

i can do this!

well, i had a slight setback:

wait katie, do you really consider horrifically ugly toenails a setback....?

no no, stop looking at those -- focus on my purple toe!

oh, right right.


enough of that selfersation.
[ooh, new made-up word for the win!]

ok but here's the deal:

a guy with cleats at a church football game had an encounter with my poor little phalange.

i haven't run in a week and a half

other fact:
i feel grumpy about it
[need a shot of endorphins, please!]
[...endorphin sounds like a type of dolphin]

other other fact:
my toe is no longer purple and swollen, but it is still sore

and yet another other fact:
i will be lacing up the running kicks again this evening

it's go time, kiddos!

wish me luuuuuck...


Myke said...

About once every two years I re-injure my left foot, usually as a result of over-training and not replacing my running shoes often enough (you'd think I'd learn my lesson). I hurt my foot again two weeks ago and I won't be able to run for a least another two (maybe more). It sucks.

Carlie said...

Ouch! Toe injuries are the worst. Hope you're run goes well tonight!

Katie said...

holy cow, girl! you and chantal, i tell you...those ward football games must be vicious!

Laura! said...

Our sisterly minds must be connected. As soon as I read the word "endorphins" I thought "Thatsounds like a it's a dolphin" and then... I read your next sentence haha